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BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray - Block airborne viruses before they start

BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray - Block airborne viruses before they start

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BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray creates a physical barrier that inactivates and blocks viruses to help stop infection of respiratory viruses including common colds, flu and coronaviruses. The unique formula is applied as a plume spray for optimum coverage and is protects within seconds and lasts for up to 6 hours. 

There are 400 sprays in each bottle and because BioSURE PRO is not a medicine, it can be reapplied as required for continuous protection. So wherever you go, take BioSURE PRO.

When you really haven't got time to miss out because of a virus, simply spray, protect and go!

BioSURE® PRO Protective Nasal Spray has been proven safe and effective to help prevent infections caused by rotavirus A (sickness and diarrhoea) RSV (common colds), influenzas (flu) and coronaviruses, including COVID-19.

How to use


1. Shake bottle and remove lid.

2. Insert tip into nostril.

3. Spray twice (2 times) in each nostril.

4. Wipe tip and replace lid.

5. Use every 6 hours or as needed.

Safe & Effective

Nobody wants to get ill or to miss out on anything ever again because of a virus.

oSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray is proven to be effective for 6 hours per application and can be reapplied every 6 hours for continuous protection. It is not a medicine, is non-pharmacological, has shown no side-effects and there are no effects from long-term use.

So #TakeControl and #SprayProtectGo

Wherever you go, take BioSURE PRO because who has time to miss out?


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