No HIV Test is easier

Know you status in minutes from a simple mouth swab.

As accurate as blood, without the prick

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BioSure are proud to bring you the OraQuick HIV Self Test

Knowing your status has never been easier. We’re delighted to bring you the most technically advanced HIV self test available. You get your own incredibly accurate result in minutes, on your own terms, from a simple mouth swab.

No blood. No labs. No questions - plus there's free delivery to an address that you choose.

HIV is a treatable condition, so the only thing to be worried about is not knowing your status.

#TakeControlOfYou today.

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Behind the science of oral HIV testing

For years we've been told that you can't catch HIV from kissing - which is completely true!

OraQuick HIV Self Test detects antibodies to HIV, not the virus itself, so in this respect it is the same as all other blood-based HIV self-tests.

The difference is that OraQuick uses oral fluid (oral mucosa transudate) as the sample which contains high concentrations of HIV IgG antibodies. It is different from saliva which contains very low levels of antibodies

Although there are less antibodies in oral fluid than in
blood, because the OraQuick mouth swab collects such a big sample size (much bigger than blood tests) it is able to obtain very accurate result - as accurate as blood, but without the prick!

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Our Vision

Our commitment to providing customers with peace of mind is unwavering.

As experts in the field of self-testing, our passion for transforming healthcare inspires us to continue bringing innovative solutions into the mainstream.

With our comprehensive understanding of the responsibility placed upon us and the trust our customers put in us, BioSure strives to make 'taking control of you' as reliable, easy and convenient as possible.

When you want to be sure... Be BioSure

Routine testing

Want to test routinely? Think of it a bit like going to the dentist but we’ll remember for you! Discounted subscription plans available here

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