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Find out more about awareness events like OktoberTest, National HIV Testing Week and World Aids Day.



What is OktoberTest?

OktoberTest is an awareness event organised by BioSure. It runs in October, in the UK, South Africa and Brazil to create awareness about the importance of regular testing for HIV. 

When is OktoberTest 2020?

OktoberTest 2020 begins on Thursday 1 October and ends on Saturday 31 October 2020. During this month BioSure will be sharing information on many aspects of HIV.   

Partners will also be using #OktoberTest and #KnowYourStatus to share news, updates and information on how to know your status.

What are BioSure doing for OktoberTest 2020?

For 2020, BioSure will be sharing information across our digital channels to answer many of the questions that people have about HIV. BioSure will be talking what HIV is and how to test for HIV.

What is National HIV Testing Week?

National HIV Testing Week is an awareness week in the UK that creates awareness of sexual health and HIV and promotes regular HIV testing across the UK. It’s co-ordinated by HIV Prevention England and it aims to reduce the numbers of undiagnosed people and people diagnosed late. 

When is National HIV Testing Week?

In 2020, National HIV Testing Week will not take place in November 2020, but will be postponed until February 2021.

National HIV Testing Week 2019, began on Saturday 16 November 2019. During this time local testing events took place in clinics and as part of outreach in the community, all across the UK. Partners will also be using #HIVtestweek and #KnowYourStatus to share news, updates and information on how to know your status.

How does BioSure support National HIV Testing Week?


As a global leader in HIV Self Testing, BioSure has been actively supporting National HIV Testing Week for many years. In 2018, BioSure donated HIV Self Tests for a testing pop-up shop with the Terrance Higgins Trust. Hundreds of people took part in the event including special guest Prince Harry.

In 2019, BioSure will be offering discounted tests to everyone. We are currently planning for 2021.


World AIDS Day


What is World AIDS day?

World AIDS Day is a global awareness campaign to educate people about HIV and AIDS, show support for people living with HIV and to remember those who have died from AIDS-related illnesses around the world.  The event was founded in 1988 and in the UK it is coordinated by the National AIDS Trust.

When is World AIDS Day 2020?

World AIDS Day takes place on Sunday 1 December 2019. On this day, organisations around the world create awareness and raise funds to support groups and organisations who are working to combat the spread and effect of  HIV and AIDS.

How is BioSure supporting World AIDS Day 2020?

BioSure will be commemorating World AIDS Day in 2020. More details to follow shortly.

For 2019, BioSure hosted an exclusive red ribbon carpet event in support of World AIDS Day in Soho, London.

The event was hosted by DJ Keyth David and television personality Nicola Kelleher. Dr Alex will be joining us on our live podcast show. We had multi-award winning, ultimate Dolly Parton, tribute and impersonator, Kelly O'Brien performing, along with singer Soraya Vivien and live music. There was a whole host of entertainers, DJ’s, our live interactive Podcast show - with conversations with experts, interviews, stories and live HIV testing and much, much more.

Find out more about the event here.


How to #knowyourstatus for World Aids Day?

One of the most important steps in reducing the spread of HIV is to #KnowYourStatus. Find our more about our easy to use HIV Tests.