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How To Test For HIV

Along with the traditional HIV testing method (going to a clinic where a medical professional tests you) there are now other options available that enable you to know your status, self-test and self-sampling. With these two options there is no need to see a professional and you can carry out the test at a time and place convenient to you.


How to test for HIV at Home


The BioSURE HIV Self Test is very easy to use and uses technology very similar to a pregnancy test, but it detects the specific antibodies to HIV (not actual HIV). The BioSURE HIV Self Test requires a minuscule amount of blood (less than a drop) which your test picks up automatically, so you don’t have to measure anything.

After carrying out 3 simple steps; (we say just prick, suck and poke) , you have a short 15 minute wait until you know your own status, there and then. You are the first person to know your status.


BioSURE HIV Self Test instructions


When you are ready open the pouch.

1. Remove the buffer pot from the end of your BioSURE HIV Self test device
and place it in the hole in the tray.

2. Remove the lid from the end of the safety lancet. Place the red pad against your finger and push down until you hear a click. The lancet will make a tiny cut in your skin to produce a small drop of blood
3. Touch the tip of your test device onto the drop of blood until the tip fills.
 You now have enough blood to run your test.
4. Now pierce the foil top of the buffer pot with the tip of the test device and PUSH DOWN HARD. It is essential that you push the test down to the bottom of the buffer pot until you can't push it any further.
5. Start timing 15 minutes. The test needs to remain upright in the box while it runs. After 3 minutes check to see that your test is running. If it's not, make sure the device is pushed right to the bottom of the buffer pot. After 15 minutes your test will be completed and you will be able to move on to read Your Result.

Full instructions are provided with your test, but you can also find instructions in a number of languages here.


Next Steps


If you want to learn more about HIV please visit our HIV FAQs page, or to learn more about the BioSURE HIV Self Test visit our HIV test self-test FAQs page.

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