How To Test For HIV

Along with the traditional HIV testing methods (going to a clinic where a medical professional tests you) there are now other options available that enable you to #KnowYourStatus: self-testing and self-sampling. With these two options there is no need to see a medical professional and you can carry out the test at a time and place convenient to you.  


How to test for HIV at Home


The OraQuick HIV Self Test is very easy to use and uses technology very similar to a pregnancy test, but it detects the specific antibodies to HIV (not actual HIV). The OraQuick HIV Self Test requires an easy and pain free swab of the gums (to obtain an oral fluid sample) which your test picks up automatically, so you don’t have to measure anything.

After carrying out 3 simple steps you have a short 20 minute wait until you know your own status, there and then. You are the first person to #KnowYourStatus.


How accurate is the OraQuick HIV Self Test? 


Technology in oral fluid HIV self testing is now so advanced that oral fluid HIV self tests are now extremely accurate. So you no longer need a blood sample for an accurate HIV self test result. 

The OraQuick HIV Self Test is proven to be extremely effective at diagnosing HIV. Extensive research and advancements in technology have evidenced this kit to be exceptionally usable and tremendously accurate when performed correctly. 

The OraQuick HIV Self Test has proven accuracy of >99.7%.

It has a proven clinical sensitivity (if a person has HIV how often the test will be positive) of >99.9%, and a proven clinical specificity (if a person doesn’t have HIV how often will the test be negative) of >99.8%.

If you are at all unsure of your result you must go and see a healthcare professional to perform another test. 

OraQuick HIV Self Test instructions

DO NOT eat or drink for at least 15 minutes before you start the test or use mouth cleaning products 30 minutes before you start the test.  

Your test kit contains two pouches.

Picture of pouches for HIV Self Test


Picture of pouch for HIV Self Test

















When you are ready open the pouch containing the tube.

1. Remove the tube from the pouch.

2. Remove the cap

DO NOT pour out the liquid. Do Not drink the liquid. 

Slide the tube into the stand.

Picture of tube for HIV Self Test 
3. Tear open the puch containing the test device.
DO NOT touch the flat pad with your fingers.
Picture of pouches for HIV Self Test
4. Press the flat pad firmly against your gum and swab it along your upper gum once and your lower gum once
Picture of mouth for HIV Self Test
 Picture of mouth for HIV Self Test
5. Put the flat pad all the way into the tube until it touches the bottom.
Picture of flat pad and tube for HIV Self Test
5. Leave it there and start timing 20 minutes. The test needs to remain upright while it runs. 
Picture of 20 minute timer for HIV Self Test
After 20 minutes your test will be completed and you will be able to move on to read Your Result.
DO NOT read the result after 40 minutes.
Full instructions are provided with your test.
Next Steps
If you want to learn more about HIV please visit our HIV FAQs page, or to learn more about the OraQuick HIV Self Test visit our HIV test self-test FAQs page.
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