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Know your Status: Self-Testing HIV Kits 

In South Africa, 7 million people are living with HIV, and about 1.7 million of those people are unaware. Fighting HIV needs to start with knowing your status, and now that testing can be done in the privacy of your own home. Joining us today is Bridgette Bard, Founder and CEO of BioSure to help us unpack this epidemic. 



LONDON: UK company BioSure, founded by CEO Brigette Bard, has this week been certified by the Expert Review Panel for Diagnostics (ERPD) as the world’s only approved provider of blood-based HIV self-tests. 

The ERPD classification is a quality assurance measure instituted by the World Health Organsiation and UNITAID to ensure funds are directed towards the highest quality diagnostic products as efficiently as possible. The Global Fund, which exists to to combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, has thus far invested over $17 billion in the treatment and prevention of HIV, of which approximately half is earmarked for the procurement and management of health products.  Currently approximately 38 million people are living with HIV but nearly half of them are unaware of their status. 

On World AIDS Day (1 December 2016), the World Health Organisation issued new guidelines stressing the vital importance of increasing awareness and access to HIV self-tests in order to reach more of the 14 million people who are infected with HIV but unaware of their status. 

"Millions of people with HIV are still missing out on life-saving treatment, which can also prevent HIV transmission to others," said Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General. "HIV self-testing should open the door for many more people to know their HIV status and find out how to get treatment and access prevention services." 

BioSure’s HIV self-test already bears the CE quality assurance mark and is unrivalled in both its ease of use and accuracy. The privately-owned company, which markets a range of consumer and professional HIV self-tests, leads the way in direct-to-consumer e-commerce and consumer insight as well as rigorous medical pilots and post-market surveillance working with clinicians, the NHS, a range of governments and advising key global health organisations. 

Brigette Bard, CEO and Founder of BioSure comments: ‘We are not only devoted to stopping the spread of the HIV virus which claimed over a million lives last year and which is also the #1 killer of young women and adolescents in the world, but we are also committed to empowering all people to live better, healthier lives free from stigma and in control of their own health by knowing their status.  Our work that has led to BioSure being awarded the ERPD classification is the product of years of scientific research and advanced technological development as well as our company culture that puts the emotional and physical needs of our self-test users at the centre of everything we do.’ 

BioSure is already the market-leading provider of HIV self-tests in the UK and will soon be available in additional markets.   

For more information, please contact:

Claire Perkins

+44 (0) 1992 892055


Notes to the Editor

The Global Fund is the world's largest financier of anti-AIDS, TB and malaria programs. As of July 2016, the organization had disbursed $30 billion to countries and communities in need


The Global Fund and UNITAID support the procurement of large amounts of diagnostics and related laboratory items for the diagnosis and management of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria which is driven by a Quality Assurance policy.


Eradicating HIV from the planet: 90-90-90

The United Nations has adopted an ambitious treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic. By 2020, 90% of all people living with HIV will know their HIV status. By 2020, 90% of all people with diagnosed HIV infection will receive sustained antiretroviral therapy.  BioSure is a crucial part of delivering the first 90.



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