HIV Results

Reading Your HIV Test Kit Results

BioSure Home HIV Test Results
After 15 minutes your test will be finished. It is now time to read the results.
Open your Results booklet. You will see a cut out hole, take your device that is standing up in the box and place it in the hole with the blue writing facing you.
You need to make sure you have performed the test correctly. Look at your device and compare to the images on either side to make sure the top line, the control line, is visible. If you can see a line your test has worked and you can move on. If no control line is visible you need to stop here as your test has not been performed correctly and your result will not be accurate.
Compare your test device to the images on either side. If the control line is the only line visible your test result is negative. This means it is very likely you DON’T have HIV (a negative result is correct 999 times out of every 1000 negative tests).
Clinically tested accuracy of the BioSURE HIV Self Test
If you have any reason to believe your test result is incorrect or your potential exposure to HIV has occurred within the past 12 weeks it is recommended you test again within the next 6-13 weeks or go and see a healthcare professional who will be able to send a sample of your blood away for a laboratory test.
If two lines are visible on your test device your test result is positive. This means it is very likely you have HIV (a positive result is correct 997 times out of every 1000 positive tests). Although your BioSURE HIV Self Test is very accurate you MUST have this result confirmed by a healthcare professional.
Don’t panic. Remember HIV is a long term manageable condition. Early diagnosis and treatment mean that people with HIV, who are on treatment, can live healthy, active lives and have a similar life expectancy to those people without HIV. Find out more in our HIV FAQs.