BioSure's Covid-19 Self-Test in the News

BioSure CEO Brigette Bard, initially met with Boris Johnson in March 2020, as an expert in self-testing, to discuss the production of Coronavirus Antibody tests and how they could be deployed to untrained users. Since that time, she has been campaigning tirelessly to get millions of self-tests prepared for public use; requesting more guidance from Public Health England so we can begin trials and putting pressure on the stakeholders involved to make sure that self-testing becomes available.

BioSure are pioneers in viral diagnostics and specialists in self-testing, since launching the BioSURE HIV Self Test as the first CE marked self-test back in 2015. Since then we have learned a lot and helped change the way people think and feel about HIV. We've given people another choice in how they choose to test so that they can take control in knowing their own status.

We plan to bring our knowledge and expertise to the fight against coronavirus. 

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COVID-19 Antibody Tests | Brigette Bard Speaks to BBC News


11 May 2020

Rapid device will be available to buy online from June

"The manufacturers of a coronavirus home antibody test are in urgent talks with the government over gaining fast-track approval for their product, making it the first rapid test to be available to the NHS.
The test, developed by UK biotech Mologic and manufactured by self-testing firm Biosure, will be available for consumers to buy online from retailers such as Boots and Amazon at the beginning of next month. 
The manufacturers are also in discussions with the Medical Healthcare and Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) whose approval will mean it can also be procured by the government and NHS.
The test checks for antibodies in the blood, showing whether someone has been exposed to the virus, rather than checking whether they are actively infected with Covid-19." - Telegraph
17 April 2020

Covid-19 Bio-bank Required for Tests

Manufacturers need the blood of coronavirus sufferers to test their device against. 
Essex-based firm Biosure said there was 'a national shortage' of samples and is now calling for blood donations from members of the public who were either diagnosed with, or were suspected of having, the virus.
A spokesperson said: 'We have discovered there is no current UK based bio-bank for confirmed positive COVID-19 blood samples.
'We recognise the Government is under immense pressure with this global crisis, so for swift action we need to call to the nation for urgent support. - Daily Mail


7 April 2020

Britain to Reveal Trial Criteria for Coronavirus Antibody Tests

Once criteria were established, Bard said the trials would take one or two weeks, and then BioSure could begin production, subject to approval, with the aim of making 1 million tests a month. – New York Times

3 April 2020

Britain's antibody testing fiasco

BioSure's chief executive revealed on social media the firm was 'ready to go'. It has been snubbed by officials who are allegedly not evaluating self-test kits. - Mail Online

Firms bewildered as Government begs them to make test kits after ignoring offers

[BioSure’s] chief executive Brigette Bard has demanded the Government sets a standard of accuracy for manufacturers to aim to.

Although her company’s tests are already expected to be at least 99.5% accurate, she said they cannot start recalibrating their kits to detect coronavirus until they know what the benchmark is. She told MailOnline: ‘We have spent five years very successfully in the market generating masses of evidence, data, everything, so we have proven we have a highly usable, highly accurate test.’ - Metro

2 April 2020

Following a television appearance on BBC News, Brigette Bard makes an online appeal.

30 March 2020

Senior Government official admits 15-minute coronavirus antibody tests are still being evaluated as manufacturer warns it could take them SIX WEEKS to have any kits ready for Britons to use

BioSure, one of the firms in talks with the Government to make 17.5million home-kits, has been asked to get ready to ramp up production. 

But no DIY antibody tests have been approved yet, meaning the company is holding off on mass-producing the kits in case stringent medical tests fail. 

Brigette Bard, BioSure's chief executive, warned the delay could mean it won't have any kits ready for Britons to use in the comfort of their own home until mid-May. – Daily Mail