Only human - Ever had a drunken night of sex...?

Only human - Ever had a drunken night of sex...?

One thing we all have in common is simply that we are all human, and as much as we hate to admit it, humans make mistakes, we all do – it’s how we’re built. Whether it's reversing out of a car park and pranging the car behind you or going on a night out, over-doing it and getting WAY too drunk - they’re just mistakes and we all make them. The same goes for sex - making those choices we wish we hadn’t made. Sometimes it’s protected, quite often it’s not, sometimes it’s under the influence of alcohol or something else and other times completely sober. Everyone has had that ‘oh no’ and ‘if only’ moment but it’s the way we deal with it that counts. There’s no point beating yourself up over a choice you wish you hadn’t made, its much healthier to learn from it and move on. 

If you bumped your car, because you were not looking or concentrating, you get a dent, get it fixed and move on - checking a bit more carefully next time you reverse.

It’s not really all that different with sex. You meet someone for dinner, have a glass (or 3) of bubbly, one thing leads to another and you end up in bed (or somewhere less comfortable). You get caught up in the moment, Mother Nature kicks in and suddenly thoughts of a condom are out of the window – not a big deal in that moment in time. It’s the after the event, in the cold light of day that the ‘Oh no’ moment can occur. Being proactive and taking ownership of the situation is what needs to happen now. If you had unprotected sex and the other person didn’t know their HIV status, you now don’t know yours. But a bit like fixing your car, taking ownership and fixing this situation is completely possible and the power to make that decision is in your hands. Some people are scared of what they might find out, many ignore what has happened and continue with their normal day to day lives, some don’t even think about their health and just sweep it under the carpet. But knowledge is power and you are always better off knowing your status, especially as HIV is so treatable (Undetectable equals Untransmittable)

Changing this mindset is down to each and every one of us, but the more we can talk about it, the easier it is to break down the taboos and stigma that prevent a lot of people from testing and drives their fears, as well as ending the transmission and ultimately the epidemic.

If you #KnowYourStatus you are not only helping yourself but also protecting others. You can go to a sexual health clinic or choose to test yourself at home, on your own terms. With BioSure you can know your HIV status in minutes. Taking Control Of You is in your power.

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