Ladies - why it's good to practice self love

Ladies - why it's good to practice self love

Is self love or masturbation good for you?

Yes, self love or masturbation is good for both your body and your mind for a number of reasons. So take some time to get to know yourself better and explore your body because you'll feel better for it!


Is it a taboo?

Female Masturbation is still a taboo for many women but knowing your own body and its limits will enable sex with your partner to be much more enjoyable.


Does it increase libido?

During masturbation you can become more comfortable with your body, learn about your body and what you enjoy and in turn experience an increased self-esteem and libido.


Can masturbation ease stress?

Masturbation can help you to lose yourself for a moment and forget the stresses of everytday life. It can also help to ease insomnia.


Is masturbation good for you physically?

It helps to exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, helping to prevent or improve urinary incontinence. It's beneficial to maintain regular kegel exercising.


Can masturbation help your immune system?

It can help to prevent infection because orgasm helps to stretch your muscles; releasing and removing cervical mucus. This causes possible pathogenic bacteria that can cause vaginal infections to be eliminated more frequently, which helps to prevent the onset of infections.


What types of orgasms can women have?

Some women can have two types of orgasms (vaginal and clitoral) as well as multiple orgasms and also female ejaculation. This sounds great doesn't it but orgasms are not always achieved through sex alone so it's good to masturbate and get to know your body better.

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