OraQuick HIV Self Test only approved home swab test

#KnowYourStatus and #TakeControlOfYou

HIV self-testing has gone through significant technological advancements since the first CE marked test back in 2015. Now, for the first time, it is possible to know your status simply by swabbing your gums – no blood is needed!


What’s new about HIV self-tests?

We are so delighted to be working with OraSure, to bring you the most technically advanced and the first CE marked oral fluid HIV self- test available. Those of you who know us, know that everything we do is with you firmly in mind, to give you the tools to make your own better informed choices – and now knowing your status has never been easier.


Can I have confidence in an oral fluid test?

The OraQuick HIV Self Test has proven accuracy of >99.7%. There is data from around the world evidencing it’s >99.9% sensitivity and >99.8% sensitivity. The test detects the antibodies to HIV, not the virus itself and that is why although you can’t catch HIV from kissing, you can know your status from an oral fluid sample!



Is it easy to use?

So simple! All you have to do is an easy and pain free swab of your top gums and bottom gums and you get your own straightforward result in just 20 minutes.

The only thing to remember is not to eat or drink for 15 minutes before and no mouth cleaning products for 30 mins before, otherwise your result may not be accurate.

This test is so simple and discrete, you can literally test where you want, when you want and with who you want. So, whether relaxing at home, with a friend close to hand or testing on your own somewhere away from home where you feel comfortable, you are in control.


How do I know if I’ve performed the test correctly?

The OraQuick HIV Self Test will ONLY give you a result if you have collected enough oral fluid. This very important feature is called a sample control line. If you do not add enough oral fluid (or in fact no oral fluid at all) then no lines will appear on the test strip, so you can be confident in your result.


What else do I need to know?

HIV is a treatable condition, so the only thing to be worried about is not knowing. We really care deeply about bringing you an HIV self-test that is easy to use, accurate and discreet. We want to give you the confidence to make the right choice for you, with a test you can trust. We are here for you whenever you need us, to chat, provide you with support with your result or how you go forwards from here. Our Whatsapp number is 07763 489170.


And BioSure?

The team here at BioSure have almost 30 years collectively of unique and extensive knowledge of the global self-testing market. We are passionate about self-testing, the benefits it can bring and giving you the choice to take control of your own health. We can confidently say the OraQuick HIV Self Test is the test to use if you want to simply  #KnowYourStatus on your own terms. There are no questions and no waiting for your result from a lab. And now there’s no blood. It puts you in control, so you are the first person to know your status.


So, #TakeControlOfYou and when you want to be absolutely sure, #BeBioSure.

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