Did you know?

The BioSure team have almost 30 years' of expertise in working in HIV self testing. We can confidently say that the OraQuick HIV Self Test brought to you by BioSure is the test you want to use if you want to #KnowYourStatus on your own terms.

This next question is the super important part.

Did you know?

The OraQuick HIV Self Test will ONLY give you a result if you have collected enough oral fluid. This mechanism is essential if want to be sure that your test was performed correctly, otherwise how can you trust your result!

This very important feature is called a sample control line. If you do not add enough oral fluid (or in fact no oral fluid at all) then no lines will appear on the test strip. No lines = invalid result. It is recommended that users retest following an invalid test result.

Other tests on the market DO NOT have this. If you want to be confident that your result is accurate and reliable and that you have performed your test correctly, it is important that you choose a test that will only give you a result if you have performed your test correctly. Always be careful which test you choose to #KnowYourStatus. 

There are many more questions that have been raised, so please see our HIV Self Test FAQ's and HIV FAQ's.

The OraQuick HIV Self Test was designed with you in mind, so you can test wherever and whenever you want to. It has proven data from around the world, it is simple to use, just needs an easy and pain free swab of the gums and lets you know your own status in just 20 minutes. 

So, #TakeControlOfYou and when you want to be absolutely sure, #BeBioSURE.

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