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Shag Pack - Fruit Loop (24 Flavoured Condoms)

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This pack contains 24 x Skins Flavoured condoms which are available in 4 great flavours - Minty Mouthful , Blow Me Bubblegum, Bangin' Banana and Succulent Strawberry (6 of each flavour).

We know most people would prefer not to wear a condom, but we all know the reasons why we should. Take control of your sexual health, find a condom that is right for you and make using them an enjoyable and essential part of the whole experience. These condoms are definitely a lot more fun than treatment for an STI!

Specifications: Nominal Width 52mm, Length 190mm, Thickness 60microns. Transparent, Non spermicidal lubricant and teat ended, straight shape, dermatologically tested and 100% electronically tested.

Skins condoms are CE marked

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