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Blogs — Shaking the Shame and smashing the stigma (part 2)

Shaking the shame and smashing the stigma around HIV

Posted by Brigette Bard on

Awareness around HIV and encouragement of HIV testing can only be successful if the public can break through taboos and misunderstanding. Communities have to work together to smash the stigma and break the boundaries that keep HIV from being something people talk openly about.

People who have accurate information are less likely to stigmatise or show negative attitudes towards people with HIV. Everyone can be a role model. Displaying a positive attitude to HIV and generating conversation with those who’s values and beliefs may be different can really make a difference.

I think anyone who knows the truth about HIV – how it is spread, how it is treated and that it is ‘three letters not a sentence’ can play a role in raising awareness around HIV and normalise the whole conversation.


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