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Blogs — Chem Sex

Chem Sex & HIV - highs, lows, facts and fall out

Posted by Gary Carpenter on

Chem Sex: essentially it's people taking part in weekend-long sex parties with multiple partners, sometimes drugs such as methamphetamine (Molly, Tina, Crystal Meth) are taken either by snorting  or injecting it – ‘slamming’ 

Why? According to Alex Hopkins, 95% of people who use Crystal, do so to have better sex.

And it’s growing in popularity.

But for me, in my occupation - working to help people know more about HIV, generating conversation, demistifying and breaking the stigma around HIV and encouraging regular testing – the thing that stands out most is the massively increased risks people are prepared to take when they are high. Perhaps not a total surprise but worrying none the less. These actions are increasing HIV transmissions.

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