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HIV in the UK - Did you know..

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HIV in the UK

With 20% of people still believing the myth that HIV can be passed on through kissing, education surrounding HIV is as urgent today as it always has been. Although there have been amazing advancements in testing, education and treatment around HIV, it continues to affect a large number of people in the UK. Each year, a significant number of people are exposed to the infection, with many sadly going on to contract HIV.

Many people believe that the chance of contracting HIV in the UK is very low and unfortunately this view is particularly prevalent in the most at-risk demographics. Although HIV can now be treated, those who are not aware that they have the infection pose a considerable risk to their sexual partners. Statistics highlight just how high the number of those living with undiagnosed HIV is, and with detection and treatment more effective than ever before, education is a key concern in reducing this number. Access to both testing and treatment is at an all-time high, and it is important that all those affected are aware of the support available for them to seek diagnosis.

Presented in an easy to read infographic, NHS-approved condom retailer, Freedoms Shop, have collected the latest statistics on HIV in the UK, showing the most at-risk groups and the importance of seeking diagnosis and treatment. In 2016, a landmark study proved that people who are receiving effective HIV treatment cannot transmit the virus to others, even their sexual partners, due to the low levels of the virus in their blood. Many people with HIV now live into old age, and can conduct relationships and have children without transmitting the virus. The biggest risk comes from those that are unaware they carry the virus. HIV is no longer the death sentence that it once was, and early diagnosis and treatment significantly improve the chances of someone receiving effective treatment.

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