This October 2020, we have re-launched our #oktobertest campaign.

The BioSure #oktobertest campaign is our global movement to raise awareness of the importance of testing, end the taboo and create a normality of regular STI and HIV Testing. It might also be time to test yourself...                                                                                                            

As with previous #oktobertest campaigns, the aim is to continue the work of raising awareness about HIV, testing and treatment to ensure we beat HIV and end the epidemic by 2030.

During the COVID-19 lockdown this Spring, the #BreakTheChain campaign showed the impact of how self-testing is part of the solution to stop the spread of HIV.


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Creating awareness that regular testing is our opportunity to break the chain is keybecause if everyone tests, together we can beat HIV. There’s no excuses, together we can end the stigma, put ourselves in control and make sure HIV testing becomes part of everyone's regular STI check-ups.  

So this month, we are offering 10% off every BioSURE HIV Self Test purchased through our website with the code: OKTOBERTEST10

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Our goal, as always, is for the entire nation to #TakeControl and #KnowYourStatus this October. With a BioSURE HIV Self Test you can test where you want, when you want and with who you want.

HIV Self Testing is now more necessary than ever. With the decline in the numbers of STI/GUM clinics and limited access to these clinics due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have seen a surge in the number of users of our BioSURE HIV Self Test. It's more important than ever that people can choose to get their own test delivered to their home or other location, whenever they choose and test on their own terms. The motivation for choosing to discreetly, simply and reliably self-test has never been stronger.

No HIV test is easier, the BioSURE HIV Self Test Kit is quite simply just a prick, suck, poke and gives you your own, easy to read and accurate result in just 15 minutes.

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The BioSURE HIV Self Test is £29.95 for a single pack, or if you and your partner want to test it's £49.95 for a double pack, but for the month of October, you can claim 10% off every purchase through our website

There is also lots of information about HIV, testing options and treatment on our website and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:


Telephone: (+44) 845 222 0012 

WhatsApp: Message us anonymously on WhatsApp (Fred): (+44) 7763 489170

PEBL: There are thousands of stories and questions that you can have a look at or join the conversation, on a free and anonymous independent social enterprise site called PEBL

Please join our #oktobertest movement on @biosureuk on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and help spread the word. Together we can end at least one epidemic.

 Click Here To Buy your BioSURE HIV Self Test.