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BioSure HIV Self Test (sometimes known as an HIV home test) allows you to discreetly determine your own HIV status at a time and a place that is convenient to you. Our HIV self test is easy to perform, requires only a tiny drop of blood and gives an extremely accurate, simple to read result in 15 minutes. Click here to  Buy HIV Test Kit.

The only Legally Approved, CE Marked HIV Self Test.

BioSure's new innovative HIV Self Testing kit is over 99.7% accurate from 3 months after suspected exposure to the infection. Our test is simple to use and provides a clear & easy to read indication of your HIV status in just 15 minutes. 

BioSure HIV Self Test has gone through extensive scrutiny and is the only product approved for sale in the UK. It is the only HIV home test to legally carry the CE mark, allowing you complete trust and confidence.


Important Information

The test may not detect HIV infections that have occurred within the last 3 months.

The test is a single use, disposable device.

If your result is positive you should contact your local sexual health clinic or healthcare professional who will perform a confirmatory HIV test and provide advice.

If your test is negative it does not mean you are definitely not infected with HIV, especially if your exposure may have occurred within the past 3 months. If you engage in activities that increase your risk of exposure to HIV you should test regularly.

Without diagnosis and treatment then HIV will over time become Advanced HIV (commonly known as AIDS). A person is considered to have developed AIDS when their immune system is so weak it can no longer fight off a range of diseases with which it would normally cope.

This test is not suitable if you are receiving anti-retroviral treatment (ART).

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HIV Self Testing Kit HST

HIV Self Testing Kit HST
Product description 
The only CE Marked Self Test available, BioSure HIV Self Test is over 99.7% accurate and allows you to discreetly determine your HIV status at a time and a place that is convenient for you The rapid HIV test is extremely easy to perform, requires only a tiny drop of blood, and gives a clear and simple to read result in just 15 minutes.
The price of a single HIV Self Test Kit is £29.95 (free Standard UK delivery)*
What’s in your BioSure HIV Self Test Box?

  • 1 x BioSure Self Test Pouch Containing:  
  • 1 x BioSure HIV Self Test Device
  • 1 x Single-Use Safety Lancet
  • 1 x Plaster
  • 1 x How to Test Guide
  • 1 x Your Result Guide
  • 1 x Product Insert
  • 1 x Opaque Disposal Bag
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